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If you’re looking to sell to startups, you need to have the Cyberleads list. I’m only a few months in and they've been responsive and helpful to every single question and piece of feedback I’ve posed. Most importantly, using their lead lists has led to new clients each month, our newest startup client being worth $40k ARR.
David McHale - CEO at HailBytes
Cyberleads is an outstanding resource for anyone that needs access to Startup Founders & CEOs and understanding where the company’s funding series is at. The amount of data you receive is worth its weight in gold. As a direct result of Cyberleads, I have grown my CEO contact network well over 50% in the last 30 days.
Eric Bell - Founder at CEO Crossing

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Everything you need to start connecting with high quality, potential clients

Find fast growing companies

From startups, to nonprofit organizations, to enterprises. Their needs and budgets make them the perfect prospects for your business.

See which ones are good fits

Know which companies are likely to outsource services you provide. We do for this for you, by combining hard data with human intuition.

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We have worked with hundreds of agencies. We created a knowledge base with practices used by our most successful customers.

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We collect more than 15 data points for each company. Everything you need to start reaching out and connecting with them.

Company data

Company name, website, industry, location, revenue, number of employees

Funding data

Funding date, funding amount, funding type (eg, Grant, Seed, Series A, etc)

Company LinkedIn

Here you will be able to find any employee or founder you want to connect with.

CEO Info & Socials

The CEO's full name, personal LinkedIn page and personal Twitter account.

CEO verified email

The CEO's email, when publicly available. Manually verified. 0% bounce rates.


See if a company is likely to outsource specific services (eg. Design)

Fast growing startups

We include fast growing startups. They have huge budgets and usually outsource things that can save them time.

Nonprofit organizations

We also include non profits. Usually in prototype stage. They outsource everything to turn their vision into reality.

Established enterprises

We also include large enterprises. They are usually expanding and outsource anything expensive to reduce costs.

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